Detailed Guide to Visit Pahalgam in November– Places to Visit and Things to Do in Pahalgam

Are you planning to explore all the places to visit in Pahalgam in November? Or planning to experience all the exciting things to do in Pahalgam in November month? Well, whether you are planning for both or each of them, you must know that you have just chosen the right month to explore the pristine beauty of this region while having unlimited fun and excitement by indulging in amazing tourist activities.

 Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam
( Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam countryside travel destination of Jammu and Kashmir, India )

November is the month that typically marks the beginning of the much-awaited winter season in Pahalgam. Yes, you heard right! As this month knocks on the calendar, the entire Pahalgam enters into its hibernation period wearing a dim gloomy attire. The lush green outlook of the region starts getting covered with light snowflakes giving the ambience a crispy and captivating outlook.

On the other side, the enthralling peaks and mountains engulfing Pahalgam showcase a stark change in November. While the peaks start getting covered with thick layers of snow, the rest of the portions still wear all the hues and colours of nature! This truly creates a magical site that serves as an absolute treat to visitors’ eyes. So, let’s not talk much and get straight to the list of some of the amazing places to visit in Pahalgam in November along with a list of exciting things to do in Pahalgam in November month.

Places to Visit in Pahalgam in November

  • Betaab Valley

    When it is Betaab Valley, you don’t have to ask for anything else. One of the finest and most scenic places to visit in Pahalgam in November month, this valley has a deep-rooted connection with yesteryear’s Hindi blockbuster movie named ‘Betaab’. It is from this movie, that this valley got its name Betaab Valley.

    Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season
    ( Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season, near Pahalgam, Kashmir, India )

    During November, the entire Betaab Valley gets covered with a blanket of colourful autumn leaves. This undoubtedly creates a tranquil and kaleidoscopic ambience all across the valley. Furthermore, the backdrop that includes the semi-snow-capped mountains and peaks adds more to the enchanting beauty of the valley. For nature lovers and shutterbugs, nothing can beat the beauty of Betaab Valley in the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in November.

  • Aru Valley

    Aru Valley is another great addition to the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in November. As November month marks the onset of winter, Pahalgam transforms into a captivating wonderland that can captivate all your senses this month. Nestled amidst the pristine Himalayan variety, Aru Valley takes on an otherworldly attraction because the autumn foliage begins to merge with the primary dustings of snow. The panorama is a painter’s dream, with the vivid colourings of fallen leaves contrasting in opposition to the pristine white of the early snow.

    Aru Valley Near Pahalgam
    ( Horses grazin at Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    The invigorating crisp mountain air and the stillness of the environment impart an experience of serenity that is hard to locate someplace else. The gently flowing Lidder River, partly frozen, provides a soothing soundtrack to this herbal masterpiece. Adventure seekers can discover the valley on horseback or embark on treks through the surrounding forests, even as amusement seekers can, in reality, bask inside the valley’s tranquillity. Aru Valley in November is a testimony to nature’s artistry!

  • Mamaleshwar Temple

    If you are looking for some spirituality while searching for places to visit in Pahalgam in November, you must visit the Mamaleshwar Temple. Nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, this sacred temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Come November, the temple looks irresistibly captivating as its surrounding landscape transforms into a riot of colours with autumn leaves scattered across the temple premises.

    Mamleshwar Temple
    ( This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and stands across the Kolahoi stream up towards the mountain. )

    As the climate turns cooler, the Mamaleshwar Temple gives a tranquil sanctuary for meditation and reflection. The gentle sound of the nearby Lidder River and the crisp mountain air create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages an experience of internal peace. It’s a time when the temple’s profound beauty is more desirable through the converting seasons, making it a genuinely unique vicinity to go and seek blessing from Lord Shiva!

  • Chandanwari

    Chandanwari could easily top the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in November! During this month of the year, this region enters into its transition period eliciting a symphony of emotions that can easily resonate with your soul. As autumn transitions into early wintry weather, the ambience goes through a celestial transformation. The landscape starts to shimmer beneath a dusting of snow, casting a tranquil hush over this faraway nook of Kashmir.

    ( A beautiful place in the heights of Pahalgam, surrounded by the mountains, greenery, snow, with lidder river racing down through the rocks. )

    Emotions right here are like the seasons themselves, moving from awe to wonderment. The crisp mountain air fills the heart with pleasure, while the first snowflakes evoke childlike exhilaration. Chandanwari’s airy appeal elicits a feel of humility and reverence, as you stand amidst the awe-inspiring peaks of the Himalayas. With all these, Chandanwari becomes one of the most scenic and beautiful Pahalgam places to visit in November.

  • Baisaran Valley

    Nestled in the lap of the majestic Pir Panjal Range, Baisaran Valley can easily put other places to visit in Pahalgam in November to shame with its pristine and magical beauty. An enchanting canvas painted with nature’s most vibrant strokes; the valley showcases an unbelievable transformation as November arrives. The green shade of the entire vicinity gets gently caressed with the crispiness of winter, and the valley turns into a kaleidoscope with the fallen autumn leaves.

    Baisaran Valley pahalgam
    ( Baisaran Valley( Mini Switzerland) Pahalgam, Kashmir. )

    Visiting Baisaran Valley this month would immediately transport you to the locales of Switzerland. Hence it is fondly called the ‘Mini Switzerland of India’. High towering mountains with the essence of winter, the lush pine forests wearing a crispy layer of snowflakes – everything just appears so dreamy that you would have to pinch yourself to believe in reality! This surely tops Baisaran Valley as one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Pahalgam in November.

  • Sheshnag Lake

    This is truly a jewel nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, offering a mesmerizing spectacle in its November guise. As the season gently transitions into wintry weather, Sheshnag Lake dons an interesting charm. The nonetheless waters of the lake mirror the snow-capped mountains like a flawless mirror, growing a surreal and symmetrical panorama. The serenity that envelops the lake in November is extremely captivating!

    Sheshnag Lake
    ( Panoramic view of Kashmir mountains around Sheshang lake in India. )

    The air is crisp, and a serene hush blankets the surroundings. Occasionally, the decision of remote birds breaks the silence, improving the charisma of tranquillity. The lake’s fringes are kissed by way of the primary snowflakes, lending an ethereal pleasant to its shores. It’s a destination that beckons nature lovers, leisure travellers, adventure junkies, and other visitors as well. If you are searching for the most peaceful and scenic places to visit in Pahalgam in November, Sheshnag Lake is where you should be!

  • Tulian Lake

    Come November, Tulian Lake turns into a bewitching wonderland under the crispy clutch of winter. This is a time of the year when it’s not either too humid, or too cold. This surely makes Tulian Lake one of the most wonderful places to visit in Pahalgam in November. Adding more, as few portions of the lake have already started freezing down, they might deceive you to be mirages created by nature!

    Tulian Lake
    ( Tulian lake view in Pahalgam)

    However, what makes Tulian Lake a place to behold is the journey to it. To reach the lakeside, visitors need to trek through lush pine and deodar forests. As the terrains are quite rugged, the trek could get a bit challenging all through. Well, all the challenges and obstacles are finally rewarded with nature’s enchanting beauty as you reach the lakeside. On arriving at the spot, you will find all the answers to why Tulian Lake is always included in the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in November!

  • Kolahoi Glacier

    The towering Pir Panjal Range in Pahalgam holds many deep secrets that can soothe your mind and soul! The fascinating Kolahoi Glacier is one such secret that can easily feed your mind and soul with the thrill and excitement you have been seeking for a long! One of the most promising places to visit in Pahalgam in November month, the journey to this glacier is even more exciting and heart-thumping.

    Kolahoi Glacier
    ( Man trek in Kolahoi Glacier )

    The trek to Kolahoi Glacier takes you through landscapes that can turn dramatic at every step you take. While at times you will be trekking through lush meadows, you may find yourself amidst challenging terrains during other times. The moment you reach the glacier, its icy blue colour amidst snow-clad peaks will catch all your attention. Being there, you may have to ask yourself: is this reality or I’m still dreaming?

  • Pahalgam Club Garden

    The Pahalgam Club Garden is a colourful oasis that also claims to be among the most vibrant places to visit in Pahalgam in November. As the season starts shifting towards the cold and crispy grip of winter in this month, this garden starts showcasing all the vivid colours of nature in the most promising ways. While the ambience is filled with all the colours, the fragrance of the flowers will further fill your heart with all the emotions and tenderness.

    Club Garden
    ( View of Pahalgam Club Garden )

    Whether you want to indulge in nature photography or simply stroll around the Pahalgam Club Garden, you will enjoy every bit of it. Enhancing your experience, there is the gurgling water of the Lidder River that will further melodise your experience in this garden. The garden is also a hotspot for romance lovers or honeymooners searching for the best places to visit in Pahalgam in November.

  • Pahalgam Golf Course

    Why would you visit a usual golf course while holidaying around? Well, you might not find any reason to visit such a playground during your holidays, but what if we tell you that this is one of the highest golf courses in the world? You surely can’t say ‘no’ now – welcome to the Pahalgam Golf Course! Located against the mesmerising backdrop of the mighty Himalayas, this 18-hole golf course is also one of the most scenic golf courses in the world.

    Pahalgam Golf Course
    ( A view of the Golf Course )

    Being located at such a high elevation, the entire golf course starts getting cossetted with a thin layer of snow in November month. As the green shade of the golf course starts getting covered with the transparent layer of snow, it creates an awe-inspiring spell all around. If you are searching for the most amazing places to visit in Pahalgam in November, you must visit the Pahalgam Golf Course at least once!

  • Lidder River

    If you are the one who prefers peace, tranquillity, quiet moments, and a soulful blend of Mother Nature, you must spend time alongside the gushing Lidder River. Meandering across the scenic meadows and valleys of Pahalgam, this river serves as the lifeline to the locals and a source of utmost joy, peace, serenity, and seclusion to the visitors. Spending time along the banks of Lidder River has its own charm that can be only felt once you experience it.

    Lidder River
    ( Pahalgam is a scenic village where Lidder river flows along the valley. Women can be seen washing clothes at the banks of the river. )

    One might get overflooded with the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in November, but once you make your way to the river banks, you will definitely not wish to leave the site. Open blue sky overhead, the majestic Himalayas on the backdrop, the gurgling melodies of the river, and the calmness; everything would get you infected with their charm and grandeur for sure!

Things to Do in Pahalgam in November

  • Nature Walks

    Dotted with gorgeous mountain peaks, lush pine forests, never-ending deodar plantations, scenic meadows, and a lot more, Pahalgam serves as a true treasure trove for nature lovers. No matter which direction you look at, you will be rewarded with a plethora of natural marvels. Adding more to this, the month of November adds an additional vibe to this pristine outlook of Pahalgam.

    Nature Walks
    ( A herd of Yaks in Pahalgam, India )

    f you are searching for the most amazing things to do in Pahalgam in November, you should first opt for nature walks in the valley. Stroll around the beautiful locales, explore their untouched beauty, and fill your travelogue with countless memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

  • Trekking

    Being guarded by the mighty Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range, Pahalgam is blessed with numerous trekking trails. This makes trekking one of the much-coveted things to do in Pahalgam in November. Well, since this month marks the beautiful transition of autumn into winter, trekkers would find the terrains extremely bucolic to indulge in short hikes, challenging treks, and other such expeditions.

    trekking in kashmir
    ( Trekking in Pahalgam is a great way to explore short treks to beautiful landscape and high altitude alpine lakes. )

    Be it the Tarsar Lake, Marsar Lake, Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, Tulian Lake, or Baisaran Hills, you will find one or the other exhilarating trekking routes in Pahalgam. Starting from easy to challenging, this valley has trekking routes to satiate trekkers of all types. Furthermore, trekking in Pahalgam in November offers you a unique transformation where the natural green shade of nature gets gently covered with crispy snowflakes. You can witness and experience this if you choose the treks to higher altitudes in Pahalgam.

  • River Rafting

    The Lidder River which serves as the lifeline of the entire Pahalgam Valley is also a hub for adventure lovers. As the river meanders through the valley, there are places where you can find some of the gentlest to rough rapids. Adventure seekers from all around the world fly down to Pahalgam to challenge these rapids.

    White Water Rafting
    ( Rafting on a mountain river )

    With such a colourful ambience along the river banks, fascinating mountains serving as the backdrop, and the breathtaking rapids, river rafting in Lidder River can be revered as one of the most enthralling things to do in Pahalgam in November. Whether you are a beginner or an expert rafter, you will always find rapids that you can challenge and pump in some adrenaline!

  • Golfing

    Pahalgam is home to one of the highest 18-hole golf courses in the world. While being situated at such a towering height makes this golf course a desired one, the scenic beauty all around the golf course makes it even more desirable. Whether you are a professional golfer or not, you must visit this wonderful ground and try your hands at golfing.

    Go Golfing
    ( Beautiful view of playing golf )

    Also, as the advent of November also indicates the onset of winter season in the valley, there are chances that you will find some portions of the gold course already covered with light snowflakes. In such cases, even if you stroll around the golf course, your heart and soul will get treated with some of the best views. Keeping this in mind, you must make golfing one of the top things to do in Pahalgam in November in your list.

  • Trout Fishing

    It is November month in the valley. Most portions of the region are still safe and away from the clutch of snowfall. This is the best time to try your luck in trout fishing in Lidder River in Pahalgam. Well, you must know that the Pahalgam region is one of the most sought-after locations among anglers to come and enjoy brown and rainbow trout fishing.

    Go for Trout Fishing
    ( Fishing in the River )

    If you are searching for the most adventurous things to do in Pahalgam in November, you must go for trout fishing. Though April to September is considered the ideal period to indulge in this activity, November month also offers ample opportunity to enjoy fishing in Pahalgam.

  • Horse or Pony Rides

    November in Pahalgam is marked by a drop in the temperature. This makes it a perfect time to go out and explore the nearby tourist spots and other places in the valley. However, since most of the region comprises rugged and uneven terrains, visitors might not enjoy easy access through these terrains.

    Riding Horse
    ( Tourists enjoying horse ride )

    And to skip such challenges there are the exciting pony or horse rides in the valley. Be it the locals or the visitors, these rides are extremely popular among all. So, if you are planning to visit the nearby places while having some fun, horse or pony rides could be the most exciting things to do in Pahalgam in November.

  • Nature Photography

    Any Pahalgam tour is incomplete without showcasing your photography skills. Come November, the entire region becomes a hotspot for nature photographers who yearn to capture the heartwarming transition of Pahalgam from autumn to winter. As November month comes to its peak, the green foliage of the region starts getting gently covered with snow.

    ( A Himalayan River Passing Through Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    Photographers from almost all corners of the globe fly down to Pahalgam to capture these enchanting changes with their lenses. If you too have a fondness towards the miraculous beauty of nature, photography can be one of the most amazing things to do in Pahalgam in November month.

  • Temple Tours

    The peace and serenity that dwell in Pahalgam gets more profound with the divinity that exists here. During any of your trips to this beautiful part of India, you must make some time to visit the sacred temples and other religious sites in the valley.

    Amarnath Cave
    ( The holy shrine of Amarnath Ji, or Amarnath Temple, is located at an elevation of 3,888 meters approx, about 29 kilometers from Pahalgam )

    Though these religious sites can be visited all across the year, visiting them in November offers a unique experience to the visitors. This is the time when the atmosphere remains clear allowing the visitors to enjoy panoramic views while making their way to the religious sites. These visits could be the most spiritual things to do in Pahalgam in November.

  • Explore Local Markets

    There is a saying: “While in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Likewise, while you are searching for the most amazing things to do in Pahalgam in November that would get you close to the locals, you must visit the local marketplaces in the valley. Visiting these markets would offer the closest views of how the locals carry out their daily lives at such high altitudes.

    Market View
    ( Market view of Pahalgam )

    Visit the local markets to witness and experience how the locals trade, their authentic handicraft items, their local produce, and much more. Visiting these markets would also allow you to sample some of the most delicious local cuisines that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Also, don’t forget to buy some local souvenirs like Pashmina shawls, saffron, cardamom, and other local produce.

How to pack for Pahalgam in November

The month of November is one of the most magical months to witness how Pahalgam gets into the ambience converting from a lush green world to wearing a snowy white outlook! In this month, you can easily expect the temperature to reach somewhere between -5 to 6 degrees or even less than this. Considering this, you need to pay additional care while packing for your Pahalgam trip in November.

Carrying heavy woollen clothes is strictly suggested if you want to enjoy all the places to visit in Pahalgam in November month. Alongside, you must also pack other woollen or heavy additional wear like socks, hand gloves, mufflers, shoes, bathroom slippers, and others.

To avoid the crispy clutches of the cold, you should also carry your preferred skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, lip balms, and other such products. Essentials like water bottlers, energy bars, chocolates, energy drinks, and other ready-to-eat foods or drinks could rescue you from all tough conditions.

How to Reach Pahalgam in November

  • By Air:

    The Srinagar International Airport, which is located around 91km from Pahalgam, is the only airport to reach Pahalgam by air. The airport has a very decent connectivity with other major Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and others. Some of the major or prominent Indian airlines have regular flights between Pahalgam and these cities. Once you have your flight tickets booked and reach Srinagar International Airport, you can hire local cabs or taxi services to reach the main Pahalgam valley by road. Regular buses are also available between the airport and Pahalgam Valley.

  • By Train:

    Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Pahalgam. Located within a distance of 220km from the main valley, this station is among the busiest in the region and has a good number of trains plying in and out from various corners of India. Booking train tickets to Jammu Tawi Railway Station could be the easiest way to reach Pahalgam by train. Upon your arrival at the train station, you can get local cabs or taxis, or even the local buses to reach the main valley by road.

  • By Road:

    A roadway journey can be the most captivating way to reach Pahalgam while enjoying the pristine beauty of nature. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Pahalgam in November, or searching for the things to do in Pahalgam in November, you can start your road journey from Srinagar. On the other hand, you can also consider Jammu and Anantnag as your starting point, to begin with your roadway journey to Pahalgam. Also, as November month brings in a stark change in the climatic conditions, we would suggest you not embark on your journey with your vehicle. The road conditions might not suit everyone. Well, if you have traversed these routes before, you shouldn’t have any issues manoeuvring the routes.

Where to Stay in Pahalgam in November

November is among the peak travel months in Pahalgam. As the weather starts shifting towards winter, the valley becomes much more magical with light hues of snow all around. From the valley, you can already witness the distant Himalayan peaks getting capped with snow. Even the lush pine and deodar forests start fondling with the snowflakes creating a magical spell all across Pahalgam.

Owing to all these miraculous changes in the atmosphere, visitors prefer this month to experience and enjoy the beauty of the region. Hence, it is always advisable to make prior hotel and transportation bookings if you want to explore all the places to visit in Pahalgam in November. The entire valley is dotted with plenty of hotels, cottages, homestays, tourist bungalows, and other stay options. You can easily get your preferred stay options in and around most of the popular places to visit in Pahalgam in November. However, you just need to keep in mind about early or prior bookings.

Mobile Connectivity in Pahalgam:

  • BSNL: You can rely on BSNL’s network while enjoying all the things to do in Pahalgam in November. They offer pretty decent connectivity and 4G services across all the prime locations in the region.

  • AirTel: They are known to be the most reliable service provider in Pahalgam. Be it mobile connectivity or 4G services, they have a good reputation in Pahalgam. However, as you move out of the main tourist places, you may face a bit of distortion in the network.

  • Jio: Jio also offers reliable services in Pahalgam. Their internet services are also known to be very reliable in Pahalgam. However, like other service providers, their connectivity can also suffer if you move away from the prime locations in Pahalgam.

  • Vodafone: You should use their services if you are an existing Vodafone customer. Otherwise, we may not suggest you opt for their services since they don’t have a very decent reputation in Pahalgam and other nearby regions.

Distance Between Pahalgam and Other Nearby Places:

  • Jammu & Kashmir – Pahalgam: 140km (5 hours)

  • Srinagar – Pahalgam: 91km (2.5 hours)

  • Jammu – Pahalgam: 234km (7 hours)

  • Gulmarg – Pahalgam: 140km (4 hours)

  • Sonmarg – Pahalgam: 168km (4.5 hours)

  • Udhampur – Pahalgam: 170km (6 hours)

  • Anantnag – Pahalgam: 42km (1 hour)

  • Kargil – Pahalgam: 290km (8 hours)

  • Gurez Valley – Pahalgam: 214km (7 hours)

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