Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh

A Leh Ladakh tour can be the most desired dreams of any traveller who yearns to explore mystical places on this earth! Untouched by the humdrums of a typical city-life, this part of India is adorned by the alluring charm of the magical Himalayas, and is a revered tourist destination in India’s tourism map. A cult among the tourist destinations, it is guarded by fascinating peaks and snow-clad mountains, jotted with pictorial valleys, embraced by gurglingrivers, and graced by rustic cultures.

However, with so much to explore and discover, visitors should also know that this part of the country also receives the extreme of climatic conditions. Situated 3,000m (9,800ft) from the sea level, Ladakh not only receives heavy snowfall, but at times can get inhospitable for the outsiders! Once winter makes its mark into the valley, most of the routes to Ladakh shuts down, making it extremely challenging to reach the valley.

Let’s know more about the geographical and climatic conditions in Ladakh, and figure out the best time for a Leh Ladakh tour.

Yearly Leh Ladakh Climate Calendar

  1. January to March – Not A Good time to Visit Leh Ladakh:

Starting from January, Ladakh experiences the harshest climatic conditions. Due to snowfall and nerve peering temperature, touring around the valley becomes almost impossible; and it continues till the end of February. During these two months, almost every corner of Ladakh gets covered with thick snow layers, which causes all the routes to Ladakh to shut down.

Owing to the huge fall in the temperature, the Zanskar River also freezes down, and serves as the only way to access the Ladakh Valley. Freezing down of this gurgling river, however, attracts the adrenaline seekers to participate in the ‘Chadar Trek’; to trek over the frozen riverbed.

However, with the advent of March, snowfall reduces in the vicinity. As temperature also starts rising, the snow layer starts melting. This is also not a good time for outsiders to plan a Leh Ladakh tour as the terrains get too challenging due to the melting of snow.

  1. April to May (Mid) – Good Time to Book Leh Ladakh Tour Packages:

With the beginning of April, the snow starts melting at a higher pace, and Ladakh gets ready to welcome the summer! With the rise in the mercury level, the region starts getting warmer and attracts visitors on the quest of a Leh Ladakh tour.

Post April; by the second half of May month, the Srinagar-Leh Highway reopens and serves as the ideal route to reach Ladakh. The region experiences a huge inflow of tourists as most of the tourist sites and places to visit in Ladakh becomes accessible.

  1. May (Mid) to July – Ideal Time to Plan Leh Ladakh Tours:

With the reopening of the Srinagar-Leh Highway, visitors start booking various Leh Ladakh tour packages and revel in the untouched beauty of Ladakh. During this period, the Manali-Leh Highway also opens its gates, and entices visitors to embark on various Leh Ladakh Tours.

However, as the climate starts getting warmer, it accelerates the melting of snow and makes it pretty tough to manoeuvre the high altitude regions. All these continues till the end of July.

  1. August to September (Mid) – Not a Good Time for Leh Ladakh Tourism:

Monsoon in Ladakh usually begins in August. Most of the places in Ladakh Valley receives heavy showers, and makes communication difficult. Waterlogging ceases down communication throughout the valley, and the probabilities of landslides reaches the maximum point. Even though there are certain areas that do not receive extreme showers, communication to them proves to be a challenge!

  1. September (Mid) to October (Mid) – Colourful Time to Book Leh Ladakh Tour Packages:

After receiving heavy and continuous showers, the entire of Ladakh gets painted with all the alluring shades of Mother Nature! After receiving the monsoons, Ladakh comes alive once again and showcases its enchanting beauty in the most bewitching ways; the region becomes a plethora of colour and display! Visitors can expect better communication as maintenance work starts on almost all the roads leading to Leh Ladakh.

  1. October (Mid) to December – Not a Suggestable Time for Leh Ladakh Tours:

Temperature in the valley starts reducing from the mid of October and continues till mid of November. During the last part of October, the region witnesses a sudden drop in the overall temperature; chilly winds and sub-zero temperature becomes common phenomena in Ladakh.

Starting from mid-November to the end of December, mercury level descends further and the region starts receiving snowfall. Temperature falls drastically and it continues till the end of December; and passes on to January and February. This part of the year is usually meant for the adrenaline seekers to plan Leh Ladakh tours and test their reflexes with several adventure things to do in Ladakh!

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