Detailed Guide to Visit Pahalgam in May – Places to Visit and Things to Do in Pahalgam

If you are planning to make it all the beautiful places to visit in Pahalgam in May, you must know that you are making the best decision of your life! Adding more, if you are also planning to enjoy all the things to do in Pahalgam in May, your happiness will double-fold in no time! You ask why, and we will say May is one of the most ideal months to visit this gorgeous hill station.

 Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam
( Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam countryside travel destination of Jammu and Kashmir, India )

May is the peak time to visit Pahalgam as the valley radiates freshness and resplendence like none other. Pahalgam in May is a sight to behold as the entire valley gets converted into a magical world of greenery. The rivers become fierce and sprightly while the lakes emit a dazzling aura of their own. The dense pine forests and lush green meadows also start to exhibit their charismatic splendour. Add the colossal Himalayan Mountain ranges to the topography and Pahalgam justifies the ‘Heaven on Earth’ tag perfectly.

As summer vacation starts in most parts of India during May, the valley of Pahalgam gets filled by tourists to the brim. Thousands of visitors flock to this magnificent destination to spend their vacations with their near and dear ones and take back memories to last a lifetime. Apart from its unparalleled beauty and enchanting ambience, Pahalgam in May also offers a host of adventure activities like river-rafting, trekking, sledging, camping, fishing, etc. that makes it an ideal destination for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike.

Let us now get you acquainted with the top places to visit in Pahalgam in May and make your vacation an unforgettable one on this ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Places to Visit in Pahalgam in May

  • Aru Valley

    A destination as beautiful as any, Aru Valley is the epitome of tranquillity and grandeur. This valley must feature in your list of top places to visit in Pahalgam in May owing to its dreamy landscapes, green meadows and thick pine forests. Aru Valley in May gets visited by thousands of tourists from all over to witness and enjoy the mesmerizing topography of the region in full bloom.

    Aru Valley Near Pahalgam
    ( Horses grazin at Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    Located at a distance of 12km from the town of Pahalgam, Aru Valley is a delight for backpackers and campers as it paves the way for many treks to the nearby areas including the likes of Tarsar-Marsar Lake, Sonmarg and the Kolahoi Glacier. And with the great Himalayas as its backdrop, this picturesque valley also provides ample opportunity for clicking some of the most amazing photographs you will ever see.

  • Baisaran Hills

    Baisaran Hills is one destination that should rank pretty high on your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May. Known as the Mini Switzerland as it resembles its European namesake in more ways than not, Baisaran Hills is crowded with tourists from all over the world during May. Engulfed by the great Himalayan Range, Baisaran Hills provides a breathtaking view of the Lidder River flowing across it as well as the town of Pahalgam.

    Baisaran Valley pahalgam
    ( Baisaran Valley( Mini Switzerland) Pahalgam, Kashmir. )

    It is situated at a mere 5km distance from Pahalgam and has an enchanting topography filled with tall cedar trees, dense pine forests and stunning meadows. This destination is pure joy for photography enthusiasts and can make an entire album on its own packed with mind-blowing shots. Baisaran Hills is one of the most charismatic destinations in all of Kashmir and makes for an ideal inclusion in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

  • Mamleshwar Temple

    Dating back to 400 AD and situated at a height of 8800ft above sea level, Mamleshwar Temple just cannot be omitted from your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May. A high-altitude temple of utmost religious significance and stunning topography, the Mamleshwar Temple was built by King Jayasima. This temple is completely made out of stone and consists of a gold-covered shrine installed within the temple.

    Mamleshwar Temple
    ( This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and stands across the Kolahoi stream up towards the mountain. )

    Mamleshwar Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is flocked by millions of tourists from all over the world to offer their prayers. Devotees of Lord Shiva come here to seek the blessings of the almighty and soak in the divine ambience of the vicinity. It is believed that Lord Ganesha safeguarded its gates to protect Goddess Parvati and prevent any intruders from entering the temple including Lord Shiva himself. It is sometimes also known as the Mammal Temple as the words ‘mam mal’ means ‘don’t go’.

  • Betaab Valley

    Betaab Valley is probably the most famous and visited destination in Pahalgam owing to its Bollywood connection. The valley was named after the popular Bollywood movie of the 80s, Betaab, which featured popular actors Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh as its lead. Betaab Valley is so unique, stunning and romantic that it makes for a perfect destination for couples seeking to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary in the lap of nature. It is situated at just 15km distance from Pahalgam.

    Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season
    ( Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season, near Pahalgam, Kashmir, India )

    Betaab Valley is rated quite highly among the places to visit in Pahalgam in May and is overcrowded at this time of the year. Blooming pine forests, exotic meadows, tall deodar trees, colossal Himalayan Range and a landscape as breathtaking as any, Betaab Valley is the kind of destination fairy tales are made of. And not to forget the fact that it is also a trekker’s delight as it opens up way to many enthralling treks including the holy and famous Amarnath Yatra. If this does not convince you to include Betaab Valley in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May, then nothing ever will.

  • Chandanwari

    Considered as the gateway to the pious Amarnath Yatra, Chandanwari in Pahalgam is as religiously significant as it is geographically blessed. Surrounded by the humongous mountain ranges of the great Himalayas, Chandanwari is such a tranquil and beautiful destination that it can purify your soul and rejuvenate your body the moment you land in this stunning valley. Unmatched in its charm and grandeur, this divine valley is a must-visit among all the top places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

    ( A beautiful place in the heights of Pahalgam, surrounded by the mountains, greenery, snow, with lidder river racing down through the rocks. )

    Chandanwari is located about 16km from the town of Pahalgam and is equally popular among nature lovers, thrill-seekers and the religiously inclined. Being considered one of the three angelic valleys of Pahalgam, Chandanwari is blessed with a topography as stunning, enchanting and alluring as any valley in Kashmir is. It is also a very popular destination among backpackers, trekkers and camping enthusiasts as it paves the way for many fascinating and renowned treks including the very famous and holy trek of Amarnath Yatra. Do not miss out on the opportunity to click some riveting photographs while being in one of the top places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

  • Tulian Lake

    A bewitching and awe-inspiring high-altitude lake that emits resplendence and tranquillity in abundance, Tulian Lake is a befitting destination among the top places to visit in Pahalgam in May. Sitting quietly at an altitude of 3684m above sea level, this serene lake radiates grandeur and opulence aplenty. Tulian Lake, truth be told, looks straight out of some fairy tale.

    Tulian Lake
    ( Tulian lake view in Pahalgam)

    Tulian Lake lies between the Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges and is situated at a distance of approximately 16km from the town of Pahalgam. It is surrounded by some of the most alluring and breathtaking landscapes of the region with the Himalayan Range as its backdrop. Tulian Lake is accessible only through trekking amidst some mesmerizing views of the peerless beauty of Pahalgam. This majestic lake must feature in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May if it isn’t there yet.

  • Sheshnag Lake

    Sheshnag Lake in Pahalgam is another high-altitude lake in the region that should get a spot in your list of top places to visit in Pahalgam in May. Considered as the abode of Lord Sheshnag, the Lord of the Snakes, Sheshnag Lake personifies serenity, magnificence and elegance of the highest order. The monstrosity of the great Himalayas at its backdrop only elevates the magnetism of this ravishing lake.

    Sheshnag Lake
    ( Panoramic view of Kashmir mountains around Sheshang lake in India. )

    Sheshnag Lake takes about 2 hours to reach via trekking from the delightful valley of Chandanwari and houses a variety of fishes including the famous brown trout. One must experience the scenic trek route that leads to this amazing lake to understand and comprehend the sumptuousness of this alluring lake. So, whether you are an adventure junkie or not, Sheshnag Lake must feature in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May. Ensure that you click some amazing photographs along the way.

  • Kolahoi Glacier

    Kolahoi Glacier is the source from where the Lidder River originates, and hence, is of utmost importance to the residents of the entire Anantnag District of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated at about 26 kilometres from the town of Pahalgam with a peak elevation of 5,425m above sea level, the scenic Kolahoi Glacier is a top attraction among tourists and should be a part of your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

    Kolahoi Glacier
    ( Man trek in Kolahoi Glacier )

    The Kolahoi Glacier is a valley glacier and is the highest in Kashmir. It is visited by many tourists at this time of the year as it is accessible via a treacherous yet beautiful trek route. The landscapes en route are so stunning and majestic that they will take your breath away. Do not forget to click photographs of the stunning topography surrounding the glacier. The Kolahoi Glacier is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Goddess of Light’ by the locals and must feature in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

  • Lidder River

    Flowing right through the centre of the valleys of Pahalgam, the Lidder River is not only amazing in sight but also of utmost importance for the sustenance of life among the residents of the neighbouring areas. The Lidder River is the primary source of water for all the drinking and irrigation needs of the entire district of Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir, and hence, has immense value for the locals.

    Lidder River
    ( Pahalgam is a scenic village where Lidder river flows along the valley. Women can be seen washing clothes at the banks of the river. )

    The Lidder River is approximately 73km long and originates from the Kolahoi Glacier, the highest glacier in Kashmir. It flows majestically through the foothills of the Pir Panjal Mountain ranges crossing breathtaking landscapes along the way, and thus, a must-visit among the top places to visit in Pahalgam in May. The crystal-clear blue waters of the Lidder River are home to varied species of fish and are a great spot for angling and fishing.

  • Pahalgam Golf Course

    One of the very popular spots among the highly rated places to visit in Pahalgam in May is the Pahalgam Golf Course. Sitting peacefully at an altitude of over 2,400m above sea level, this 18-hole golf course is one of the highest and most picturesque golf courses in the entire world. Taking a free swing of the golf club at this quiet and mesmerizing destination is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you would not want to miss at any cost.

    Pahalgam Golf Course
    ( A view of the Golf Course )

    The Pahalgam Golf Course overlooks the majestic Lidder River flowing right across it with enchanting topography engulfing the entire area. Not many golf courses in the world can boast of having the great Himalayan Range looking over it like a big brother protecting its younger sibling. The Pahalgam Golf Course is as serene and magical in its appearance as any destination in Kashmir is and should feature in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

  • Lidder Amusement Park

    Lidder Amusement Park in Pahalgam is one of the highest amusement parks in the world and probably one of the most scenic as well. Lying quietly at the foothills of the colossal Himalayan Mountain ranges, this amusement park is surrounded by alluring landscapes and some mind-boggling views of the valley of Pahalgam. Make sure Lidder Amusement Park is there in your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May or regret forever.

    Lidder Amusement Park
    ( Pahalgam is a hill station 2740m above sea level. It is also known as Valley of the Shepherds where Lidder River flows through the picturesque valley. )

    Apart from being amazingly picturesque, the Lidder Amusement Park gives a stunning view of the Lidder River flowing right across it. Simply strolling around the park and enjoying the breathtaking scenarios surrounding it will give you joy and calmness like you have never experienced before. You can also enjoy the various fun rides available at the park like the miniature railways, paddle boats, bumping cars and various swings. Omit the Lidder Amusement Park from your list of places to visit in Pahalgam in May at your peril.

Things to Do in Pahalgam in May

  • River Rafting

    If adventure is what feeds your soul, then river rafting in the Lidder River should feature right at the top of your list of things to do in Pahalgam in May. Manoeuvring through the rapids in the icy cold waters of the Lidder River is an adrenaline-rushing adventure of a different kind. The Lidder River is a glacial river and the eddies and rapids you will experience while rafting in this majestic yet fast-flowing river will give you an experience you will never forget.

    White Water Rafting
    ( Rafting on a mountain river )

    River Rafting in the Lidder River is organized by adventure agencies and companies and is usually done in the upper regions of the river where the force of the water is at its full strength but not alarming. Make sure you book your slots well in advance as there are not many such agencies and finding a spot during the peak season might be a little difficult. And no matter whether you are an amateur or an experienced being, River Rafting in the Lidder River has something for everybody.

  • Trekking

    Another one of the top things to do in Pahalgam in May is trekking. Pahalgam in May is a trekker’s delight. Most routes are open and accessible during the summers and one can experience and enjoy every nook and corner of this beautiful valley while trekking. The breathtaking topography of the angelic valleys of Pahalgam can be seen and experienced from as close as one can get to this ‘Heaven on Earth’ and it is only possible via trekking.

    trekking in kashmir
    ( Trekking in Pahalgam is a great way to explore short treks to beautiful landscape and high altitude alpine lakes. )

    Trekking in Pahalgam not only gives you an adrenaline rush but also soothes your soul from within. The unmatched topography of the region completes with dense pine forests, tall cedar trees, lush green meadows and the rugged Himalayan Mountain ranges provides for a euphoric experience unlike any other. Not to forget the destinations you will reach at the end of each of your trekking expeditions will rejuvenate your body and mind like never before. It is not for nothing that trekking is rated so high on the list of things to do in Pahalgam in May.

  • Trout Fishing

    Known as the Angler’s Paradise, Lidder River in Pahalgam is one of the best spots, not just in Kashmir but in the entire world, to enjoy and experience angling and fishing activities. The Lidder River is filled with brown and rainbow trout fishes, and thus, attracts anglers from all over the world to enjoy angling and fishing in this majestic river.

    Go for Trout Fishing
    ( Trout Fishing in the River )

    One of the top things to do in Pahalgam in May, trout fishing requires the anglers to obtain a license from the Department of Fisheries in Srinagar. Once the license is gained, the anglers can head to the Lidder River and indulge in the fun-filled activity of angling and fishing. Tourists from all over flock to this Pahalgam just to enjoy angling. If you are not into angling, you can still enjoy this joyous activity as an onlooker.

  • Local Sightseeing

    Local sightseeing is probably the most loved activity among all of the top things to do in Pahalgam in May. One can simply stroll through the magnificent valleys of Pahalgam and enjoy the enchanting topography of the region on foot. Strolling also gives you the freedom to spend as much time as you want at your favourite spot(s) and click amazing photographs till you are exhausted.

    Local Sightseeing
    ( Local Sightseeing in Pahalgam )

    Local sightseeing can also be enjoyed through pony rides which is another one of the top things to do in Pahalgam in May. Pony rides are less tiring as compared to strolling or trekking and provide you with the option of exploring more with less physical effort. Make sure you do not forget to click some fantastic photographs while you are strolling, trekking or pony riding through the angelic valleys of Pahalgam.

  • Pony Rides

    Pony rides are one of the most popular activities among the top things to do in Pahalgam in May. It gives you access to the most remote locations in and around the valley of Pahalgam without ever getting tired. One can also explore the valleys of Pahalgam on foot via strolling or trekking but the joy of seeing the breathtaking topography of the area on a pony is a different experience altogether.

    Riding Horse
    ( Tourists enjoying horse ride )

    The best part of pony rides in Pahalgam in May is the convenience of accessibility, availability and economic viability. These rides are pretty cheap and much less tiring, physically, compared to traversing through the exotic valleys on foot. And let’s face it, most of us are accustomed to the easygoing nature of our corporate desk jobs and exploring and enjoying the stunning landscapes of Pahalgam on the back of a pony is much more convenient than slogging it out on foot.

  • Photography

    While vacationing in Pahalgam in May, it does not matter whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional. All you need to do is point your camera in a certain direction and click. The rest will be done by the simply stunning and mesmerizing topography of the area. The surrounding landscapes are so very beautiful that all you need to do is learn to press the click button on your camera.

    ( A Himalayan River Passing Through Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    Photography is one of the top things to do in Pahalgam in May. It is the only way you can capture and relive the moments you experienced and enjoyed while vacationing in this ‘Heaven on Earth’. The lush green meadows of the angelic valleys, the quiet fierceness in the eddies and rapids of the free-flowing Lidder River, the tranquillity and splendour of the majestic lakes or the graceful intrepidity of the gargantuan Himalayan Range, photography helps you rejoice and relive all these memorable moments till eternity.

How to Reach Pahalgam in May

  • By Air:

    If you are planning to reach Pahalgam by air, you must know that this scenic hill station doesn’t have an airport. The Srinagar International Airport is the closest airport to reach Pahalgam by air. Located at a distance of around 91km, this airport has decent air connectivity with major national and international destinations. Most of the air carriers in India have regular flights to Srinagar International Airport.

    However, once you land at the airport, you need to hit the roads to reach Pahalgam by road. You can easily hire cab services or local taxis, or get into the regular buses to complete this part of the journey and finally reach the hill station to explore all the beautiful places to visit in Pahalgam in May.

  • By Train:

    A train journey to Pahalgam is also among the most exciting things to do in Pahalgam in May. And this has obvious reasons! While Pahalgam doesn’t have a railway station, you can book your train tickets to the Jammu Tawi Railway Station to reach Jammu. Once in Jammu, you can hire local taxis, cabs, or regular buses to finally make it to Pahalgam. The Jammu Tawi is located almost 220km away from Pahalgam.

    Well, as this allows you to embark on a road journey to Pahalgam in May, you will get to enjoy the untouched beauty of the vicinity from the closest hand. While on this journey, you will also get infinite glimpses of the local life and cultures.

  • By Road:

    May is one of the best months to embark on a road journey to Pahalgam. Being one of the peak tourism months, you will be accompanied by thousands of other tourists along the way. The road journey to Pahalgam typically starts from Jammu, Srinagar, or other parts of Jammu and Kashmir. From the start till you reach Pahalgam, the scenic views around will surely keep you glued to your car’s window.

    Be it the Himalayan Range or the towering Pir Panjal, the scenic meadows or the lush pine forests, everything on this road trip is so magical. A road trip to Pahalgam can also be included in the list of exciting things to do in Pahalgam in May.

Where to Stay in Pahalgam in May

Being one of the most coveted hill stations in India, Pahalgam is dotted with a plenitude of stay options. Starting from budget hotels to luxury options, you will find almost all types of hotels, bungalows, lodges, and other stay options in the valley. However, as you are planning to explore all the tourist places to visit in Pahalgam in May or enjoy the things to do in Pahalgam in May, you must note that May is one of the peak tourist months in the region.

Keeping this in mind, we would strongly advise you to pre-book all your stay options. Else, chances are there that you will find it difficult to manage rooms in Pahalgam in May. Also, since this month experiences high footfall in the valley, hotel prices may go higher than in other months.

Even the cost of other services like transportation, food, etc. may also shoot up this month as the hill station welcomes a large number of tourists. If you want to explore all the scenic places to visit in Pahalgam in May or enjoy the things to do in Pahalgam in May without any hassles, you must book them well in advance.

However, if you plan to book your Pahalgam tour packages with us, you don’t have to worry about your stay options. We have tie-ups with all the major hotels and other stay options in Pahalgam. We always ensure our guests get the best out of everything with planning to explore all the places to visit in Pahalgam in May. Even while you hop from one location to another while enjoying all the things to do in Pahalgam in May, we will make all the arrangements for you. All you need to do is just pack your bags and let us know your travelling dates. Our tour members will arrange everything for you!

Mobile Connectivity in Pahalgam:

  • BSNL: Believe it or not, BSNL is one of the most reliable service providers in Pahalgam. Be it mobile connectivity or internet services, their connectivity is very reliable across the hill station. However, the network may suffer if you move out of Pahalgam.

  • AirTel: This is also a reliable service provider in the region. AirTel has decent mobile coverage along with 4G services. But if you happen to move away from the major tourist places to visit in Pahalgam in May, you may face some network issues.

  • Jio: Visitors can also rely much on Jio as they also have good coverage in Pahalgam. Jio in fact has the best 4G services in Pahalgam.

  • Vodafone: This is one network that we may not prefer to recommend you as their connectivity undergoes frequent distortions. However, if you are an existing Vodafone user, you can opt for their services while in Pahalgam.

Distance Between Pahalgam and Other Nearby Places:

  • Jammu & Kashmir – Pahalgam: 140km (5 hours)

  • Srinagar – Pahalgam: 91km (2.5 hours)

  • Jammu – Pahalgam: 234km (7 hours)

  • Gulmarg – Pahalgam: 140km (4 hours)

  • Sonmarg – Pahalgam: 168km (4.5 hours)

  • Udhampur – Pahalgam: 170km (6 hours)

  • Anantnag – Pahalgam: 42km (1 hour)

  • Kargil – Pahalgam: 290km (8 hours)

  • Gurez Valley – Pahalgam: 214km (7 hours)

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