Detailed Guide to Visit Pahalgam in December – Places to Visit and Things to Do in Pahalgam

Are you the one who gets elated by witnessing snowfall? Or are you the one who gets enchanted by the miraculous beauty of nature? Or are you the one who simply cannot resist the temptation of the winter season? Well, if you find any of these experiences captivating, visiting Pahalgam in the month of December will satisfy your soul for sure! Furthermore, the places to visit in Pahalgam in December or the list of exciting things to do in Pahalgam in December will add an additional dose of fun-frolic, adventure, and thrill to your tour.

 Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam
( Horses graze along beautiful the lidder stream in Pahalgam countryside travel destination of Jammu and Kashmir, India )

Come December, most of Pahalgam enjoys snowfall all across the region. This is the time when Pahalgam looks stunningly beautiful. The lush meadows and valleys get painted with the pure white shade of snowfall beckoning visitors from all the corners of the globe. December month also flags off an array of winter sports that can easily shoot up your adrenaline level and offer you the kick you have been longing for!

So, let’s delve deep into the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in December to discover nature at its best. Also, the list of things to do in Pahalgam in December will add some more fun and thrill to your lives!

Places to Visit in Pahalgam in December

  • Aru Valley

    While enjoying the pristine beauty of Pahalgam, you must visit the picturesque Aru Valley. Located only 12km away from the hill station, this popular tourist spot is undoubtedly among the best places to visit in Pahalgam in December month. Seated beside the left bank of the gurgling Aru River, this scenic village is mostly known for its peaceful and serene ambience.

    Aru Valley Near Pahalgam
    ( Horses grazin at Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    One of the most beautiful December places to visit in Pahalgam, Aru Valley is a perfect spot for all types of visitors. While nature lovers will surely fall in love with this place, the adventure mongers will find amazing adventure options here. You must know that the enthralling treks to Kolahoi Glacier, Tarsar-Marsar Lakes, and Katrinag Valley start from the Aru Valley. Well, December is a perfect month for all these exciting treks!

  • Betaab Valley

    Visiting Betaab Valley in the month of December will definitely cheer up your soul! Imagine walking over a thick blanket of snow while everything you see around is painted in white! Even the mountains in the background are covered with snow making them sparkling white. And amidst all these, you surprisingly found the meandering Lidder River making its way graciously between the snow!

    Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season
    ( Beautiful View of Betab Valley during winter season, near Pahalgam, Kashmir, India )

    Nestled between the Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges of the Himalayas, this pictorial valley is located only 15km from Pahalgam. And in case you are a thrill seeker, you must know that Betaab Valley is a picture-perfect camping site and base camp for several trekking expeditions. If you are looking for places to visit in Pahalgam in December, Betaab Valley is just the perfect place for you.

  • Baisaran Valley

    One of the closest and best places to visit in Pahalgam in December, the Baisaran Valley is a heaven within heaven! Fondly called ‘Mini Switzerland’’ this gorgeous valley is dotted with lush pine forests, tall fir trees, and captivating hilltops. With the advent of December month, the entire valley gets capped with thick layers of snow resembling much of Switzerland.

    Baisaran Valley pahalgam
    ( Baisaran Valley( Mini Switzerland) Pahalgam, Kashmir. )

    If you are yearning for some quiet moments, this could be among the best December places to visit in Pahalgam. Adding more, the Baisaran Hills turns into a trekking hub for winter trek lovers this month. On the whole, you get to enjoy the untouched beauty of nature, and tranquillity, pump in some adrenaline, or simply soak in the magical beauty of India’s ‘Mini Switzerland’.

  • Chandanwari

    Perched at an astounding height of 2,895m above sea level, Chandanwari holds a special place in the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in December. Though this region is most visited during the month of June till August as it serves as the starting point for the holy Amarnath Yatra, visiting Chandanwari in December has its own charm and appeal.

    ( A beautiful place in the heights of Pahalgam, surrounded by the mountains, greenery, snow, with lidder river racing down through the rocks. )

    As the Lidder River meanders through this region, it creates some of the most adorable and magical views. The lush pine canopies getting covered in snow will catch all your attention during this period of time. The views of the distant glaciers from Chandanwari also need special mention. If you are a shutterbug, you will definitely fall in love with these types of beautiful December places to visit in Pahalgam.

  • Tulian Lake

    Tucked away between the great Pir Panjal and Zanskar mountain ranges, the Tulian Lake is truly a natural wonder in the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in December. An alpine lake at a towering height of 3,684m, this tranquil lake is located around 16km from Pahalgam. Guarded by mountains on three sides, the lines of pine trees add more to the enchanting beauty of this divine lake.

    Tulian Lake
    ( Tulian lake view in Pahalgam)

    On your visit to Tulian Lake in December, you will find the entire lake frozen. At some points, you can also see the water through the snow covering. Furthermore, the shape of the lake which resembles the number ‘8’ makes it even more appealing to visitors. During winter, adventure seekers can join the enthralling ‘Tulian Lake Trek’ to experience the magical beauty and thrill of this gorgeous lake.

  • Sheshnag Lake

    A visit to this elevated alpine lake can give you goosebumps. Be it the beauty or the thrill of reaching the Sheshnag Lake, or the folklore associated with it, everything makes this stunning lake a breathtaking place to visit in Pahalgam. Located around 3,590m above sea level, the lake is surrounded by barren and rugged cliffs that get cossetted by snow in December.

    Sheshnag Lake
    ( Panoramic view of Kashmir mountains around Sheshang lake in India. )

    Rated as one of the top places to visit in Pahalgam in December, you can reach the lake only by trekking through a semi-challenging trial. However, if you are planning to visit in the month of December, you may face some strenuous challenges in reaching the lakeside. However, during other months, you will definitely love the thrill and adventure of this trek.

  • Mamleshwar Temple

    The Mamleshwar Temple is among the holiest places to visit in Pahalgam in December. A pious temple dedicated to Lord Shiva; this temple is the site where Lord Shiva replaced the head of Lord Ganesha with that of an elephant’s head. Be it the religious significance or the divine beauty of this temple, you will surely feel a unique sense of sanctity and peacefulness while visiting this temple.

    Mamleshwar Temple
    ( This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and stands across the Kolahoi stream up towards the mountain. )

    Constructed almost 1,600 years ago, the temple is located at an elevation of 2,200m. Being located at such a height, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of some of the snow-clad mountain peaks from there. Summing up, the Mamleshwar Temple finds a promising place in the list of December places to visit in Pahalgam.

  • Aishmuqam Shrine

    You must have seen this shrine, but you probably weren’t aware that it is the much-coveted Aishmuqam Shrine or the Aishmuqam Dargah! Well, this is the exact place where the popular song ‘Bhardo jholi mere’ from the Hindi blockbuster ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was shot! Well, now probably you can recall the scenic beauty and divinity of the Aishmuqam Shrine.

    Aishmuqam Shrine
    ( Aishmuqam Shrine houses the historically important shrine of Shiekh Zain-ud-din (RA), from the 15th century A.D. for which it is known all over Kashmir. )

    Come December, the locales around the shrine enjoy high snowfall and gradually get covered with snow. This creates a magical charm and also makes the site one of the popular places to visit in Pahalgam in December. Legends have it that this is the exact spot where Saint Zain-ud-din meditated for many years.

  • Pahalgam Golf Course

    Not very often we get to visit a golf course. However, if you are searching for the most scenic or stunning places to visit in Pahalgam in December, you will always find the Pahalgam Golf Course on the list! Known to be one of the highest and most promising golf courses in the world, this ground is simply above all the other golf courses.

    Pahalgam Golf Course
    ( A view of the Golf Course )

    Whether or not you are a fan of this elegant sport, you will surely love its layout and scenic locales. Though there are chances that you would find it gently covered with snow as it is among the stunning December places to visit in Pahalgam, you should still visit this 18-hole course. The plateau surface, the lush pine forest around it, and the snow-capped views of the Himalayas will keep you spellbound for sure!

  • Lidder Amusement Park

    The fun-filled Lidder Amusement Park is another great addition to the list of places to visit in Pahalgam in December. Though a year-round amusement park, this is one place that will keep the younger ones soaked with unlimited fun and excitement. Even the senior members will also find amazing ways to relive their childhood days while enjoying the amusing and thrilling rides in the park.

    Lidder Amusement Park
    ( Pahalgam is a hill station 2740m above sea level. It is also known as Valley of the Shepherds where Lidder River flows through the picturesque valley. )

    A perfect place to make your holiday child-friendly, this park is located beside the gurgling Lidder River. The fun rides along with the location make the park very much photogenic. While visiting these types of December places to visit in Pahalgam, make sure to carry your camera, or else you might miss out on some really fun moments!

Things to Do in Pahalgam in December

  • Skiing and Snowboarding

    If you are still thinking skiing and snowboarding are best enjoyed across international destinations, you probably have not heard about the best things to do in Pahalgam in December. As this month marks the peak winter time, the entire region receives heavy snowfall this month turning Pahalgam into a hotspot for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

    Skiing in Kashmir
    ( Skiing in Pahalgam )

    In fact, Pahalgam is an internationally acclaimed skiing destination in the world. All you have to do is pack your bags, book your Pahalgam tour packages, and enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Pahalgam. Well, whether you are a pro or a beginner in these sports, a day in here will surely make you feel the adrenaline kick while skiing or snowboarding in Pahalgam!

  • Enjoy Snowfall

    Let’s say you are among those wanderlusts who get easily tempted by snowfall. In such a case, Pahalgam could be the ultimate heaven for you! The region receives decent to heavy snowfall in the month of December. Pick any direction, and you will see nothing but snowfall or snow-capped mountains and forest areas.

    ( The snowfall paints the valleys of Pahalgam in white )

    Owing to such captivating scenes and locales, enjoying snowfall could be one of the best things to do in Pahalgam in December. Whether you want to sit in the comfort zone of your hotel room or hit the outdoors, this could be an amazing experience to remember forever in your life.

  • Snow Trekking

    Trekking in the plains, hilly terrains, rugged trails, or other challenging routes has its own fun and thrill quotient. But when it comes to the most enthralling things to do in Pahalgam in December, you will find snow trekking the most fascinating experience to have in your life.

    trekking in kashmir
    ( Trekking in Pahalgam is a great way to explore short treks to beautiful landscape and high altitude alpine lakes. )

    Pahalgam offers a range of trekking routes; Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, Tulian Lake, and Chandanwari are some of the popular trekking grounds. While usual trekking routes offer challenges of their own, snow trekking involves harnessing the skills of walking through or over snow-covered meadows and terrains.

  • Local Sightseeing

    As listed above, Pahalgam is a true treasure trove for visitors from all walks of life. Come December, almost all the popular places in this region get covered with snow. Manoeuvring around these places at this point in time has its own fun and excitement.

    Local Sightseeing
    ( Local Sightseeing in Pahalgam )

    While searching for the most unique things to do in Pahalgam in December, make sure you have a couple of places to visit on your list. And while strolling or driving across these places, make sure you click some of the most remarkable pics to create some amazing Insta stories!

  • Horse or Pony Rides

    This is truly one of the most enjoyable things to do in Pahalgam in December. While during other months of the year, you can easily walk across places, December could be slightly different as most of the Pahalgam region remains covered with snow in this month.

    Riding Horse
    ( Tourists enjoying horse ride )

    Being covered with snow, visitors could find it really difficult to walk or stroll around different places. In such cases, horse or pony rides could become the rescuer for the visitors. However, we would suggest you opt for these fun rides only if necessary

  • Enjoy Kahwa

    Almost every region in India has their own traditional or unique drinks; Pahalgam is not an exception to this list. During any season of the year, Pahalgam enjoys sipping on its favourite local drink called the ‘Kahwa’.

    Enjoy Kahwa
    ( Arabic coffee Qahwa with fresh Medjool dates, Kahwah and dry dates on dark black background Kashmir India . Healthy snack. Top view of popular traditional drink Arabian Iftar party feast on Ramadan. )

    A traditional Kashmiri tea, Kahwa is generally made with saffron, almonds, and cardamom. Be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening, enjoying a hot cup of Kahwa could be the best of traditional things to do in Pahalgam in December.

  • Photography

    As winter turns Pahalgam into a bed of snow, this invites photographers from all across the globe to satiate all their yearnings for winter photography. If you too are among one of them, simply grab your camera, pack your lenses, and book your tickets to Pahalgam to click some of the most astounding pictures in your life.

    ( A Himalayan River Passing Through Aru Valley Near Pahalgam )

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find infinite opportunities to showcase your photography skills. Wherever you go or whatever you do, you will always find something or the other to capture with your lenses.

How to pack for Pahalgam in December

December is the peak winter season in Pahalgam. Considering this, you must pack your bags well with woollen or heavy clothing. Jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and other winter clothes can help you maintain your body temperature through the shivering cold in December. Packing other items like mufflers, hand gloves, woollen socks, slippers, trekking shoes, arm sleeves, and others can also help you avoid the cold. You should also carry or pack some skin creams, lotions, ointments, and other moisturizers to avoid the dryness in the atmosphere.

How to Reach Pahalgam in December

  • By Air:

    Since Pahalgam doesn’t have any flight connectivity, you can book flight tickets to Srinagar International Airport from your departure destination. The airport is around 91km from the main valley. You can easily find private taxis or cab services, and regular buses from the airport to Pahalgam.

  • By Train:

    With a distance of around 220km, the Jammu Tawi Railway Station serves as the nearest railway station to Pahalgam. The station is well-connected with major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Amritsar, Pathankot, and others. On arriving at Jammu Tawi, you can book local taxis, cabs, or buses to reach Pahalgam.

  • By Road:

    If you are planning for a roadway trip to reach Pahalgam, Srinagar would be the best starting point. Jammu and Anantnag could also be two ideal points, to begin with your road journey. However, since you will be travelling in the month of December, it would be better to hire a local cab or taxi service to reach Pahalgam by road.

Where to Stay in Pahalgam in December

As you will be visiting Pahalgam in the month of December, you must know that this is considered an off-season in the region. Hence, there are great chances that you will get most of the hotels, cottages, homestays, and other stay options at a much-discounted price. You can easily find luxury to budget-friendly stay options scattered all across Pahalgam. Aru Valley, Betaab Valley, and Chandanwari are some of the prime locations where you will find some of the best hotels and other stay options in Pahalgam.

Mobile Connectivity in Pahalgam:

  • BSNL: Though BSNL doesn’t have a good reputation across the country, it is considered to be the ideal service provider in Pahalgam. In fact, it is known to provide the widest range in Pahalgam along with decent data connectivity and internet speed.

  • AirTel: This is one service that you can always rely on while touring around Pahalgam. They have great mobile as well as 4G connectivity. Though speed and connectivity may suffer as you move out of Pahalgam, yet you can rely on their services.

  • Jio: You can also rely highly on Jio connectivity. They provide a decent mobile network and 4G connectivity all across Pahalgam. However, the network might suffer a bit as you visit remote or high-altitude locations.

  • Vodafone: We may not suggest Vodafone as their service is good only for prime city locations in Kashmir Valley. However, if you are already using their services, you can still use them in Pahalgam.

Distance Between Pahalgam and Other Nearby Places:

  • Jammu & Kashmir – Pahalgam: 140km (5 hours)

  • Srinagar – Pahalgam: 91km (2.5 hours)

  • Jammu – Pahalgam: 234km (7 hours)

  • Gulmarg – Pahalgam: 140km (4 hours)

  • Sonmarg – Pahalgam: 168km (4.5 hours)

  • Udhampur – Pahalgam: 170km (6 hours)

  • Anantnag – Pahalgam: 42km (1 hour)

  • Kargil – Pahalgam: 290km (8 hours)

  • Gurez Valley – Pahalgam: 214km (7 hours)

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