The pious Thiksey Gustor Festival in the Thiksey Monastery begins on the 17th day of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar and continues to the 18th day; it is a two-day long festival of the monastery. Celebration starts with the monks offering prayers within the Thiksey Monastery, and upon completion of the prayers, the leaders offer liquids to the Gods to invite them to witness their sacred rituals. This later gets followed by the Mask Dance; locals on this day, prepares a sacrificial cake. This is how the first day of Thiksey Gustor Festival in Ladakh winds up.

On the second day, the religious leaders of the Black Hat sect cut the sacrificial cake marking the killings of all the evil forces and the triumph of good over them. The pieces of the sacrificial cakes are later distributed in all the four directions. The Thiksey Gustor Festival finally comes to an end after the lamas or monks burn effigies of evil spirits and prays for the prosperity of the entire valley.

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