A hidden gem in the Stod Valley of Ladakh region, the first view of the holy Zongkhul Monastery might give you an impression of a swallow’s nest! One of the most sacred monasteries in Leh Ladakh, this magnificent Buddhist enclave was founded by Naropa, a renowned religious guru and yogi from Nalanda University.

A footprint, believed to be of the founder, is kept at the entrance to commemorate the foundation of the monastery. It belongs to the Drugpa sect of Buddhism, and holds a prominent value among the devotees. Presence of ancient artefacts, texts, inscriptions, and other religious materials makes it an important learning centre among the Drugpa followers.

Best Time to Visit Zongkhul Monastery

With the advent of winter, the entire region gets cladded with thick layers of snow; it makes it tough for the visitors to reach the Zongkhul Monastery in Ladakh. However, starting from July to November (early part), the snow starts melting and a visit to Zongkhul Monastery during this period will make your Leh Ladakh tour memorable.

How to Reach Zongkhul Monastery

There is no proper roadway that leads to this pious monastery. Visitors can start trekking from Padum and reach the Zongkhul Monastery.

Where to Eat

The trail leading to Zongkhul Monastery is devoid of any hotels or eateries. Visitors are advised to carry their own food during their trek to Zongkhul Monastery.

Timing of Zongkhul Monastery

The monastery remains open from 06:00AM to 05:00PM throughout the year.

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