Perched on a small hilltop across the left bank of the great Indus River, Stakna Monastery in Ladakh belongs to the Drugpa sect of Buddhism. Located around 21km from Leh city, it was founded by ChosjeJamyangPalkar who hailed from Bhutan in 16th century.

When translated into local language, Stakna Monastery means ‘Tiger’s nose’, and the name truly suits the architecture and location of the monastery. A statue of Arya Avaloketesvara that was brought from Kamrup district in Assam along with a 7ft high silver statue of Lord Buddha, serves as the major attractions of Stakna Monastery.

Owing to the prismatic location of this pious monastery, it attracts a large number of visitors enjoying Leh Ladakh tour packages. In addition to its locations, the courtyards of the monastery also entice devotees, religious preachers, and history enthusiasts from across the globe. The inner walls of the courtyards are adorned with ancient carvings, paintings of Sakyamuni, Amchi and Tsephakmad.

Stakna Monastery is a home to around 30 monks and numerous ancient scriptures and collections, and is a treasure trove among all the places to visit in Ladakh. While in here, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the Indus River Valley and its surrounding vistas.

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