This is probably one of the closest monasteries to Leh! Located only 9km from the main town, the Karma DupgyudChoeling Monastery was built in 1973, and is a prime location for the Karmapa sect of Buddhism. Blessed by His Highness Gyalwa Karmapa RangjungRigpeDorje, it is also one of the best Tibetan learning centre in the entire of Leh Ladakh region.

Along with traditional studies, Karma DupgyudChoeling Monastery also encourages modern education system, and houses around 40 students who gets training in various educational fields. Visit this sacred monastery during the first holy month of Tibetan calendar, and you can participate in the annual Thung Chur Puja. Another festivity includes the Puja of Karma DupgyudChoeling that takes place from on the 22nd day of Tibetan calendar’s eighth month and continues for fourteen days.

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide