Climate in Ladakh – Leh Ladakh Trip Planner

Climate plays a very crucial role for Leh Ladakh tourism! Based on the prevailing climate in Ladakh, visitors can decide the peak season or the off-season to book their Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Also, as this region is situated at a soaring height of 3,000m or 9,800ft, it experiences freezing temperature during the winters. Heavy snowfall and the dip in the mercury level ceases Leh Ladakh Tourism; most of the parts of Ladakh remains cut-off during this season.

Come summer, Ladakh regains its prismatic beauty, and once again starts attracting tourists from all over the world. Temperature reaches a moderate point wherein visitors can enjoy a pleasant Leh Ladakh tour.

Monsoon in Ladakh is characterised by decent amount of rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms at certain places. Planning a Leh Ladakh tour during this season might prove challenging for the outsiders to Ladakh.

Here is a month wise breakage of Ladakh’s climate to help you out while planning for a Leh Ladakh tour:

December to February

Starting from December to February, Ladakh undergoes the wrath of the winters in the most piercing way! Temperature falls down drastically; around -20 degrees during the nights and around 2 degrees during the days. Owing to the heavy snowfall, access to almost the entire of Ladakh ceases down, and the region goes on a temporary shutdown from the rest of the world.

While both the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways shut down, extreme adventure enthusiasts usually fly to Ladakh to enjoy the much acclaimed Chadar Trek as the Zanskar River freezes down. December to February is not at all close to being called the best time to plan a Leh Ladakh tour!

March to April

As March starts approaching, temperature rises a bit and gets warmer than that of February. The region usually experiences 6 degrees during the daytime and around -5 degrees in the nights. However, as April makes its mark on the calendar, temperature in Ladakh reaches up to 12 degrees during the daytime; it is the beginning call of Leh Ladakh tourism!

May to August

During this period of the year, Ladakh welcomes its summers with all its charm and glories! With the clearing of the thick layers of snow, almost all the routes get operational and make Ladakh accessible to the outer world.

With the sun shining overhead, the entire region starts getting warmer eventually, and flaunts its beauty in the most enchanting ways. Temperature during the daytime reaches up to 16 degrees and brighten up the ambience. The mercury level rises further to around 21 degrees with the advent of June and showcases a unique charm across the valley.

Though Leh Ladakh tourism ticks the calendar in May itself, it reaches the peak in June and festivity continues till August.

This is also the time when Ladakh celebrates most of its festival allowing the visitors on their Leh Ladakh tour to unravel its alluring charm and appeal. With festivity everywhere, Leh Ladakh tourism casts a magical spell on the visitors during the first three months.

Come August, the climate in Ladakh starts changing. Both days and nights start getting colder with a fall in the mercury level. This makes August the last month for Leh Ladakh tourism; most of the Leh Ladakh tour winds up with the advent of August, and visitors can be seen packing their bags and continue with their return journey.

September to November

September knocks down the tourism season in Ladakh by bringing down the mercury level further. As temperature starts falling again, the region starts receiving snowfall, and within a couple of weeks, the entire region gets blanketed by a thick layer of snow.

By the end of November, all the routes and mountain passes in Ladakh becomes non-operational and shuts down for the next few months.

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