Leh Ladakh Trekking

Ladakh is a haven for adventure enthusiasts wanting to indulge in trekking amidst the mighty Himalayas. With a varied topography and unique landscapes, trekking provides an escape route to experience some solitude and tranquillity in this paradise. It’s the only way to capture the grandeur of Himalayas and walk hand-in-hand with nature.

Also known as the ‘Land of Passes’, Ladakh has innumerable hiking options, be in vast grasslands, high snow clad mountains or pristine valleys; they all will turn out to be incredulous for beginners as well as advanced trekkers. Amongst the plethora of hiking routes available in Ladakh, The Ripachar Valley trek and Markha Valley trek offer some stunning landscapes and are immensely popular and the best time to visit is from September to December. Experienced trekkers can hike all the way to Stok Kangri for some extra adrenaline rush. Situated at 6153m above sea level, it is an ideal place where one can have discerning views of Mount K2. In summers when the valleys bloom with abundant flowers, it becomes a photographer’s delight. Another trek in which one can experience the exuberance of Zanskar Valley is from Lamayuru to Darcha. This two week long trek provides a contrasting experience, where one gets to see it all, from famous Lamayuru Monastery, to popular passes and many quaint villages such as Ligshed and Photoksar. Various other monasteries en-route such as Spituk, Alchi, Hemis and Likir will also not cease to amaze. The Himalayan culture is still deeply embedded and preserved in each one of them.

Winters is also an ideal time for seasoned trekkers to visit Ladakh and experience its surreal beauty coupled with a dramatic experience, especially on frozen lakes such as Tsarap River, while embarking on the Chadar Trek. The glorious winters and gorgeous surrounding landscapes can be at best seen here. Walking on the ice covered rivers can be an exhilarating experience which cannot be described in words. One trek which is bound to leave all spellbound is of the picturesque Lake Tso Moriri, starting from Pang and overlooking the Korzok Village, this trek is ideal for families. The camping options are aplenty and this area gets rich is in wildlife as one enters the stunning Rupshu Valley.

Ladakh is nestled in the lap of nature and its varied land forms are best covered on foot, be it an amateur hiker or a seasoned one, this place has options galore and each trek has its own distinct flavour. Trekking in leh ladakh will forever leave all trekkers euphoric and in a state of bliss.

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Our Incredible country has a lot of exotic destinations to offer but there is one place which is especially close to our heart – Ladakh. It is known for its fresh air, beautiful mountains with snow clad peaks, scenic beauty and historical Buddhist monasteries, the gurgur chai and thukpa, the peculiar music & colourful festivals, warm loving people and the long drive on Moonscape, in other words this all is a complete dream material. The panoramic view is simply awesome and one feel humbled in front of the majestic mountains. The gleaming sunlight seems warmer & brighter. The land is filled with eternal peace bejewelled with chanting monks.

Ladakh is a heaven for adventure sports seekers. Tourists who love adventure prefer Ladakh Travel Packages. This destination is located between the altitudes of 2,750 meters to 7,672 meters above sea level in Jammu and Kashmir. This place boasts of hilly terrain, flat grasslands, rocky cliffs and high peaks which are ideal for trekking. These geographical features are the premier attractions for adventure freaks. A Ladakh Trekking Tour is the best way to enjoy several attractions of this place. On such tours you get an opportunity to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the Himalayas. Ladakh Tourism offers several tours which offer unparalleled natural beauty and joy.

Breathtaking Ladakh is dotted with numerous mountains, trekking trails, rivers, lakes, glaciers, etc to offer adventure sports like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, angling, river rafting, etc. Ladakh is one of the ideal and preferred tourist destinations for the adventure seekers. There are endless tourist attractions in Ladakh. The beautiful natural surrounding is the major attraction of the land. Nature sightseeing is very popular in the valley of nature. Trekking in Ladakh is very famous activity among the adventure seekers. The interesting and high rating trails are preferred by adventure freaks from all over the world. Ladakh is really a trekking delight.

Wonderful options of rafting are available in the Ladakh, Indus River and its territories provide right amenities for white water rafting. Though Ladakh Tours is also famous for pilgrimage tourism and nature tourist, it is ideal for adventure tourism. It is a paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers. Ladakh trekking tour gives ultimate trekking experience to be remembered for lifetime. Visit this sparsely populated land nestled in the lap of nature and have fun.

Trekking in Ladakh is an amazing experience as the steep valleys and rivers at this destination brings out the best of your trekking skills. You will get to exposure to several cultures, communities, Ladakh lifestyle and various cuisines. The tourists cherish memories of every second spent over here. In Ladakh, the nature is going to test your courage, capability to deal with unique conditions and other challenges ensuring that you are enjoying best Ladakh trekking tour.

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