During a Leh Ladakh tour, if you miss to visit any of the lakes in Ladakh, your tour will never be complete! Located high above the plains, studded with the fascinating snowy peaks and mountains, visiting these lakes will introduce with the most enchanting side of Leh Ladakh tourism!

In addition to the alluring charm and appeal, lakes in Ladakh are also known for their mystique essence. For instance, the Pangong Tso Lake, which is around 140km from Leh, is known to change its colour throughout the day! Starting from emerald green in the morning, water of this scenic lake keeps changing colour; turquoise blue and velvet blue are the other two colours that visitors can while visiting the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh.

Book your Leh Ladakh tour to visit other picturesque lakes that allows the visitors to walk across their surface as they freeze down completely during the winters. You can also find some of the lakes in Ladakh that are revered as holy sites and are highly devoted.Plan a Leh Ladakh tour today; visit these magnificent lakes and have a tryst with their enchanting charm and appeal!

List of Lakes in Ladakh

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