Best Time to Visit Kashmir

by On Oct 05, 2017

Kashmir is considered as one of the most alluring places in the world. It is also famous as “paradise on earth“. It is mainly famous for its beautiful places such as Dull lake, Betab valley and Sonamarg. When it comes on tourism, lots of tourists from all around the world visit this awestrucking place throughout the year. The places, rituals, festivals and foods of Kashmir are very peculiar than any other place of India. Some festivals which are worth paying attention are Tulip festival, Gurez festival and Shikara festival. When talking about food items rice is most crucial in all their meals as they cannot think of a meal without rice. But if you are thinking of planning your trip to Kashmir you must contemplate about the best time to visit this heaven.

Although the place is full of wonderful natural scenarios throughout the year but its beauty is at its peak during the months from March to October. In these months Kashmir witnesses three seasons which are Autumn, Summer and Spring season. These are the best times to visit Kashmir but one can choose the time period accordingly.

Spring Season:- The landscape of this place looks almost breath taking during spring season as it becomes most colorful at that time. The gardens of Kashmir such as Shalimar bagh, Tulip garden and Nishat garden becomes most lively places during spring season with lots of colorful flowers. Unique kind of flowers can be found in the valley amid spring season such as Royal treasure flowers. The dawn is extraordinarily beautiful during this time in gardens.

Spring Season in kashmir

Summer Season:- It is also a good time to visit this hill station as May and June are months of vacation. Distinctive characteristics of Kashmir during this season are boating, Trout Fishing and adoring the natural beauty of lakes, gardens and mountains.

Summer Season

During Autumn season people can cherish the beauty of shedding leaves of flowers and trees as well as generating new ones in the gardens of Kashmir. They can also enjoy the sedate winds in the evening of autumns.


If you are interested in sports such as skiing and snow games then you can visit Kashmir during winters also i.e. in the months of November and December. But there are some precautions to be taken while visiting the place in winter season as the roadways becomes so slippery and prone to accidents during this season. One should avoid visiting during this time if the person is heart patient. But tourists who are adventurous also visits the place during extreme winters.

In the end I would give rest to my words by concluding although from March to October is the best known time to visit Kashmir but still it totally depends on the person to make decision after taking into consideration all the specific aspects about Kashmir valley during various seasons. Apart from all that, in whichever season a tourist may choose to visit Kashmir for sure it will be the best experience of his life.