Attraction of ladakh: Phyang Monastery


One of the very few monasteries in Ladakh that belongs to the Dri-Gung-Pas sect of Buddhism, the Phyang Monastery was founded by DenmaKungaDrakpa in 1515. While its name originates from ‘Gang Ngonpo’ (local meaning Blue Mountain) that also serves as the monastery’s backdrop, this Buddhist enclave is known to have high monastic values and properties.

Legends have it that DenmaKungaDrakpa, while staying within this vicinity, dreamt of ‘Achi’, and thus founded this sacred monastery. Decked with captivating wall paintings, ancient scriptures, shrines, and idols; some of which are said to be more than 900 years old, Phyang Monastery is also an abode of around 100 monks. Located only 15km (approx.) from Leh, it is among the most pious monasteries in Ladakh.

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