Ladakhi Lifestyle – Leh Ladakh Travel Guide

Be it the beauty or the allurement, culture and traditions, lifestyle or the locals; everything about Ladakh is unique and extremely delightful! No matter which part of Ladakh you plan to visit; heart-warming locals, bountiful nature, captivating snow-clad peaks, and endless bliss will follow you!

However, owing to the high altitude and extreme weather conditions, Ladakh has adopted a lifestyle that is different from the rest of the country. Staying fit, following a simple lifestyle, and living a synchronised life is what the Ladakhis believe in; and this can be seen very well while on a Leh Ladakh tour.

Mostly dominated by Buddhism, Ladakhis mostly are of Aryan origin. Though with the passage of time, other religions also started getting prominence around the locales, Buddhism is still the mainly followed religion, and Ladakhi lifestyle is highly influenced by its traditional or cultural essence.

Unlike other parts of the country where concrete jungles are on the rise, Ladakh has endured its natural beauty, and encourages its local to preserve and maintain it. Though life in Ladakh is not as easy as the outer world might think, the locals enjoys every single moment of their lives while appreciating the beauty and contributions of Mother Nature.

Though the region gets secluded from the rest of the world for almost half of the year, it boasts of its high ethics and moral values. Men and women here, do not discriminate each other, and can be seen working together for their household. Rather, women in Ladakh are given high priority in terms of social values and honour. Even while it comes to celebrations and fiesta, men and women can be seen in their colourful traditional attires called ‘Goncha’ (a woollen robe for women), pyjamas, hats, traditional jewelleries, and others.

Leh Ladakh Travel Guide