Offbeat Things to do in Kashmir


A lazy afternoon in the echoing Shikara of the Dal Lake, a mesmerizing stroll in the stunning Mughal Gardens that still seem to sing the tales of their glorious past and an electrifying trek to the ever-so-iconic Gulmarg valley!Well, these are some of the inevitable visits and covers the major chunk of the itinerary of tourist visiting Kashmir.

Despite of their enticing charms, these clichéd destinations does not seem to satiate the thirst of a true traveller who is looking forward to dig into the real pleasures of this slice of paradise on earth called Kashmir.

Experiencing something new is much more important than visiting something that has been done and tried by the masses! Here is a thorough list of complete new experience that are way out of league of the ordinary people. Get ready to enter into the world of ‘something-new-something-absolutely-different’.

1The Bitter-Sweet Symphony of Kahwah


Take a break from regular tea and coffee, and try the drink on which the entire Kashmir runs – Kahwah. A traditional herbal tea, Kahwah, is made by boiling green tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and Kashmiri rose petals in water. Honey or sugar are commonly used for sweetening this otherwise slightly-bitter- medicinal drink.

Trying a type of a tea might not be that off-beat but certainly a fun thing to do in Kashmir. Kahwah, is a part of celebration dinner and is usually served with saffron which further luxuriates this traditional drink.

2Visit The Local Craftsmen, Where The Art Breathes


While for most of your walnut might just be a dry fruit, but for the people of Kashmiris it is much more! In your next trip to Kashmir, take some time off your schedule and visit the local craftsmen – witness beautiful walnut carvings, an art that requires patience much more than skills!

You can even sit beside these local craftsmen and try your hand in sculpting your own art on any wooden blocks. For people who are looking for trying something different, this is one of the most exciting things to do in Kashmir. Feel the pain, patience and endurance of a local craftsman while indulging in this traditional art legacy that keeps the cash registers of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism ringing throughout the year.

3Take A Break from Sonmarg and Visit Doodhpathari


Well known for its mesmerizing natural beauty of pine trees and snow kissed mountains, Sonmarg has been a year-round magnet for Kashmir tourism! However, something that cannot be avoided is the overwhelming visitors that always keep this paradise crowded.

Take a break from these clichéd tourist hot-spots and visit the stunning bowl shaped valley of Doodhpathari. This enthralling destination is brimmed with lovely green meadows bordered by pine trees from all sides. An under-the radar treks in Kashmir, this offbeat destination provides you with a leisure trekking experience. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of clear blue sky overlooking this green bowl of paradise.

4A Walk Back into Time – Visit The Historic Old City of Srinagar


Kashmir, a place where every story begins with a new beginning. While you might be finding yourself in a tricky situation as to which destination to visit first, there is one place that you certainly should add to your existing itinerary – old city of Srinagar!

An ancient city lost in the ravages of time – the magnanimous architecture, the rich diversity of flora and fauna and the warm hospitable nature of Kashmiris make this otherwise lost city worth visiting. Make your own story while indulging in this one of the best offbeat things to do in Kashmir.

5Go On a Shopping Spree- Admire The Beauty of Beautiful Doda Sapphire


Wife and gift are synonymic to each other! For someone visiting Kashmir, Pashmina Shawls and woollensserve as the common gift for their wives! However, if you want to stand ahead of the league, try gifting her something else; buy her something that she can adore throughout her life.

Buy her the ‘Doda Sapphire’, a rare and stunning deep bluish gem found in the Paddar area of Dodadistrict. Well, buying this unique gem might burn a massive hole in your pocket but we assure you that your wife will not ask for any gifts for at least 5 years after receiving this elegant piece of sapphire!

6Trekking Hills Is Old, Walking Over Frozen River Is Bold


Gone are the days when trekking mountain peaks and rocks were considered as ‘macho’! The Himalayas have always been a gateway for adventurists to try their luck and explore the world of extreme thrill! If you are yearning to satiate your thirst for ecstasy, get ready to walk over the frozen river of Zanskar.

One of the most adventure things to do in Kashmir, this electrifying river gets frozen during the winters. The Kashmir tourism industry has recently seen a huge impetus of ardent adventurists drifting towards this destination. Feel your heart racing as you walk over a thin layer of frozen water, hear the water cascading right under your feet- of this doesn’t give you goose bumps, we must say you are certainly a ‘Man of Steel’!

7Unwind Yourself at Aru Valley


Aru Valley, an under-the-radar treks in Kashmir, is located in the magical Kolhoi Glacier. If you are stressed out of your daily routine and humdrums of the city life, this is the perfect place to unwind yourself.

A perfect dream-come-true opportunity for all, avail any of the best available Jammu and Kashmir tour packages and get ready to spend a night over the of the mountain embraced by pine enclosures.Rejuvenate yourself, indulge in some of the most interesting treks in Kashmir while visiting this heavenly place called Aru Valley.

8Ski in One of the Best Adventure Destination in Kashmir – Gulmarg


Shikara ride might be the best medium to spend an evening, but for people who are willing to try their hands in offbeat things in Kashmir, they must hold onto their wits and get ready for a skiing experience like never before!

More than adventure, skiing in Gulmarg is one of the most popular and fun things to do in Kashmir. A suitable place for beginners as well as the expert skiers, you can also find an array of skiing classes and indulge in some of the advanced skiing courses, and enjoy the true flavours of this thrilling sport.

9Relish The Diversified Flavours of Kashmiri Cuisine


For most of the visitors, Kashmir is an opportunity of trying varied and delicious cuisines. For most, it is non-vegetarian delicacies that get their taste buds greedier in Kashmir. Rogan Gosh is one of the most popular Kashmiri cuisines that is known for enticing people from all over the globe.

However, there is one dish; Paneer Chaman, that is known for giving a tough completion to all the remaining non-vegetarian delicacies. A curd based curry, this scrumptious delicacy offers tangy-spicy taste. Certainly, not off-beat but this is no doubt one of the most fun things to do in Kashmir!

10Kashmir Golf Courses – A Sport Set in The Luxuriant Environs of Kashmir


Home to a few world-class golf courses, Kashmir enables its visitors to enjoy golfing while enjoying the stunning landscapes. On a visit to this scenic land, make it to Gulmarg, and enjoy your favourite game of gold in one of the scenic golf courses in the world.

An 18-hole golf course that measures around 7,505 yards, this is in fact the second highest gold course in the entire world. Indulge in this exciting game in this awe-inspiring golf course, and make a new addition to your list of offbeat things to do in Kashmir!

To enjoy the true flavours of Kashmir, one has to dig a little deeper and think out of the box! So, all you travel mongers who are still not able to tame your bug for discovering new places, this can be the ultimate list that will introduce you to some of the offbeat things to do in Kashmir.

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