10 Reasons to Plan Honeymoon in Kashmir?


Marriage; a journey where two hearts beat as one, where two souls starts living as one, where two persons vow to stand beside each other till eternity! A saga of love that begins with the union of emotions, marriage is further followed by love, romance, togetherness, emotions and candid moments!

If your marriage is on the cards, or if you are about to tie the knot of your life, you must know, there are lot more waiting for you; and among these, honeymoon will be your first wonder! A swaying journey that will bring you even more closer, it is all about to pour your heart for your better half and make him/her realise your unconditional love! And while it’s about making your better half feel your emotions, no other honeymoon destinations can overlook the magical lands of Kashmir!

Well, honeymoon in Kashmir is not only about love and romance! Every step in this mesmeric heaven will teach you something, will make you realise the importance of love in life, will get both of you closer than before. If you are wondering how; here are some of the reasons that will surely compel you plan your honeymoon in Kashmir

1Repaint Life in Srinagar


As you tie the knot of your life, things will be no more the same as before; love and romance will start conquering you both! Surrender yourselves into each other’s hand and let love fill in the space; and no other destinations in the world can get do this better like Srinagar will do!

The capital city of Kashmir or the abode of the romantic Dal Lake, Srinagar is the most befitting place to embrace the warmth of your new beginning. Plan your honeymoon to this celestial abode and repaint your life will all the tenderly emotions, sweet and caressing moments!

2Let Love grow like the Himalayas in Ladakh


Step into the newest phase of your life with a promise to stand beside each other! No matter how the situation turns out, stand strong beside the love of your life and make her realise she is safe in your arms! And to make her feel loved, safe and secure, you must take her to Ladakh.

Guarded by the mighty Himalayas, while Ladakh’s pristine beauty of makes it for a wonderful Kashmir honeymoon destination, its high spirit will add more to your love voyage! Plan your honeymoon amidst the towering mountains and peaks of this enchanting land, take a vow that your love will always keep her guarded just like the Himalayas guards the liveliness of Ladakh.

Let the riot of colours, the liveliness of the Dal Lake holds over both of you and make your honeymoon trip the most adorable phase of your lives..

3Gulmarg: For a Colourful and Vibrant Life:


Flowers, one of the most enigmatic creations of Mother Nature, is adorned by all! Be it the lively colours or their spiritual fragrance, they just fill in our lives with joy, love and happiness!

Make your honeymoon an affair of joy, love and happiness by planning your honeymoon to a place that is studded with magical as well as mystical flowers. Plan your honeymoon in Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir; witness how the mesmerising colours of nature takes over both of your souls and fill in your lives with emotions, tenderness and togetherness!

4Cuddle Each Other in Mother Nature’s Lap in Pahalgam


Nature has a lot to teach us! Be it the towering peaks to the gurgling rivers, dense and evergreen forests to the azure sky, we have ample of things to learn and admire from our surroundings.

Take your better half to the treasure trove called Pahalgam in Jammu & Kashmir; one of the most gorgeous honeymoon destinations in Kashmir, and tune in your life along the rhythm and melodies of nature. Shape your life as bright as the Kolhoi Glacier, as tranquil as the swaying greeneries, mould it like the formless water, as gracious as the low-flying clouds, and as strong as the mountains!

5Seek Blessings in Jammu


Being Indians, our culture and family upbringings always taught us to thank the Almighty for all the things we have in our lives! Irrespective of what background we belong to, we were being taught to be respectful to all the religions and believes.

With your honeymoon, you are about to start your life in a whole new way; why not make it a blessed journey? Plan your honeymoon to the stunning city of Jammu, seek the blessings from the Gods and Goddesses, fell the sanctity of these holy places and begin the new journey of your life with love, blessings and devotion!

6Treasure the Love and Romance in Sonamarg


Happiness is something that double folds on sharing! It not only shows us the better and ideal ways to follow, but also inspire others to come along with us and shed away all the atrocities of life.

Post tying your knot, take your better half to the magical valleys of Sonamarg! Cuddle up her smiles with the liveliness that persists here, embrace her with the alluring charm of the meadows, love and pamper her just the way the clouds play hide and seek with the towering peaks, and witness how happiness washes away all the weariness away from your life!

7Take Your Love to the Maximum Height in Leh


Don’t just take her on a honeymoon trip like others do! While planning your honeymoon in Kashmir, make sure that you let all your emotions to spurt her for her! Make her feel the top of the world while holding her tight in your arms!

Pick Leh as your honeymoon destination in Kashmir and take your love and romance to a greater height. Have a tryst with each other with the enchanting bed of snow or the soaring mountain peak as the witness! Let your feelings for her grow more and more with the warmth of Leh’s celestial beauty, and reach a height that will even make the high-mountains feel shy!

8Let Love & Romance Flourish in Kupwara


It’s your honeymoon; flee to a place that is almost secluded from the rest of the world and is totally untouched by the hands of commercialisation! Do not let anyone apart from you and your love to accompany your better half!

Take your partner to the salubrious and enticing valleys of Kupwara; a treasure trove nestled amidst alpine mountains and pictorial meadows at a height of 12,000ft, and let your emotions loose. Feel the pleasant breezes, walk through the magical valleys, enjoy the panoramic views, flow with the essence of Kupwara, and let your love and romance hold a grip on both of you!

9Blend your Honeymoon with Fun & Adventure in Patnitop


Marriage, followed by a lovable and romantic honeymoon is all that can fill your life with pleasant surprises! But, marriage followed by a fun-frolic and adventurous honeymoon trip takes the zest of life to the zenith point!

Do not miss out the opportunity to turn the journey of your life to the pinnacle of fun, thrill and adventure. Plan your honeymoon to Patnitop; one of the most enchanting honeymoon destinations in Kashmir, make every moment memorable and equally adventurous!

10Fill the Canvas of Life in Anantnag


Everyone is a born artist! And when it is about your honeymoon, you must bring out your artistry and paint the canvas of your heart with all the love and emotions that you hold for your better half!

On your honeymoon trip, make it to the gorgeous valleys and meadows of Anantnag, and hold her aback with its enticing beauty! While on a honeymoon tour in Anantnag, paint the white canvas of snow with all the love, emotions and tenderness you have for her; make her realise what she means for you and caress her senses with the strokes of your emotions.

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