Unseen Places of Kashmir

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Kashmir, the name itself creates a picture of lush green surroundings, beautiful mountain ranges, sparkling water of flowing rivers, sunshine, meadows, valleys and much more. Undoubtedly the most popular of all tourist destinations in India, Kashmir is a place to relax and rejuvenate. For all those who wish to stay secluded from the hustle [...]

This Is What Makes Kashmir A Perfect Wedding Destination!

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Weddings have always been full of fun and frolic in India. Be it a Punjabi, Gujarati, or any wedding, it’s not just limited to the baratis and gharatis, it’s an invitation to a weeklong gala time for everyone. That is why ‘destination weddings’ are catching more eyeballs these days. For, these weddings offer unique [...]

Famous Personalities of Kashmir

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Kashmir is not only the land of magnetism and picturesque beauty; it is the land of art, music, passion and courage as well. The State of Jammu and Kashmir has given India some of the best people who have proved their mettle in their respective fields. Read on to know about some great personalities [...]

The Intimacy Between Bollywood And Kashmir

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Since the introduction of Eastman colours in 1960, Kashmir has been able to catch attention of the Indian film makers time and again. Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Haider’ is a recent example that holds true to this statement. Even the devastating floods of 2014 could not stop Indian film makers to choose Kashmir as their shooting location. [...]

Offbeat Destinations in Kashmir

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If you are a 90’s folk, then we are pretty sure that the first thing that comes to your mind on hearing Kashmir is the beautiful track from late Shammi Kapoor’s movie,”Yeh chand sa roshan chehra”. A year-round-magnet, Kashmir certainly knows how to keep its visitors happy. There is no denial that this slice [...]

10 Reasons to Plan Honeymoon in Kashmir?

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Marriage; a journey where two hearts beat as one, where two souls starts living as one, where two persons vow to stand beside each other till eternity! A saga of love that begins with the union of emotions, marriage is further followed by love, romance, togetherness, emotions and candid moments! If your marriage is [...]

Offbeat Things to do in Kashmir

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A lazy afternoon in the echoing Shikara of the Dal Lake, a mesmerizing stroll in the stunning Mughal Gardens that still seem to sing the tales of their glorious past and an electrifying trek to the ever-so-iconic Gulmarg valley!Well, these are some of the inevitable visits and covers the major chunk of the itinerary [...]

Things To Do and Places to Visit In Kashmir

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Back in the 1700s, the great Mughal Emperor Jahangir, who had power over Jammu & Kashmir, rightly named it “Heaven on Earth”, the moment he set eyes on the Kashmir valley. As of the 21st century, millions of tourists flock Kashmir every year. The northern most state of India, which is location way up [...]

Best Hotels and Houseboats in Kashmir

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With the light touch of natural serenity, Kashmir is one of the most exotic places in the world to lose yourself within. With its cool weather and astonishing scenery and the history of Kashmir, it makes for the perfect place to be able to enjoy the bliss of nature, while living a royal lifestyle [...]

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